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Point-of-Sale Financial Products

The National Lending Association (NLA) team knows that it is vital to be able to provide financing options to customers right at the point of the sale. Otherwise, potential buyers often leave and never come back. Any salesperson will confirm this fact.

Working with many small business owners, we also know that you usually don’t have the time or interest to find out all the available options when it comes to point-of sale financing. And more importantly, the available financing products and services are continuously changing with new products becoming available all the time. To stay on top of this takes continuous work and evaluation of new products as they come out.

In fact, this is how we earn our membership fees — by making sure that you have the best possible financing solutions for your business. We know if you close just one or two additional sales a year as a result of being an NLA member that our membership fees are easily covered. But if you make five, ten or more additional sales as a result, then you will be very pleased that you are a member.